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Beautiful  Limited Edition Hardcover Coffee Table Book from 2015 Winter Solstice Edition


Project Founder: Paul Lucia

Collages: Designed by the Photographer

Book Designer: Paul Kuroda

Graphics and Assistance: Heather Hryciw

Logo Design: Brent Bishop



Cover Photo: Exclusive Signed Print to Insert in Folder


Copyright ©2015 Project 24, All Rights Reserved

All images copyrighted by respective photographers as credited. For inquiries, please contact photographers directly. Intellectual copywright laws strictly prohibit use or reproduction of material without written permission of the creator.

Printed in Canada.


Project 24 Coffee Table Book- 2015

  • Returns are accepted within 30 days provided items are in good condition. A full refunds will be issued with 3-5 business days of receiving item. Customer is responsible for return shipping.

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