Project 24 was created as a platform to present the concept of NEO VERITE, which asks, "what is the essence of truth in visual arts, in a world where images are increasingly manipulated?"

The concept is simple: 24 photographers create a collection of images over 24 hours.  In a random lottery drawing, each is assigned a district of San Francisco and a single hour in which to document it using black and white film.  The artists are left to explore their hours with the agreement that nothing will be pre-arranged, digitally manipulated, or otherwise compromised.


This edition was photographed from the sunrise closest to San Francisco’s summer solstice, on June 21, until the following sunrise on June 22, 2017.  The book showcases the pictures chosen by the photographers to represent their experience in each place and time.


We have chosen black and white film as the medium because of its timeless power to move viewers with its depth and character.  Many of last century's masters of documentary and art photography made history with it, and it remains compelling to creators and viewers alike today.


The driving force of this project is the way it calls upon photographers to define truth as they see it in the moment.  With only the expectation to explore, creators can rely on their core resources: the eye, intuition, and chosen tools.  It returns us to a magical time when we made our first pictures and our passion for photography was born.  It was a moment when the only person who wielded approval over an image was the one who took it.


Project 24 is not just a recurring exhibition. It is a photography movement which is a testament to the power of the honest image.  It is neither nostalgia nor lament of an era past, but a present day exercise of artists' ability to interpret their world with integrity.

We encourage you to get involved in a conversation about the images, the concepts of the project, their relevance to San Francisco, and the meaning as you see it.  We hope you enjoy Project 24.