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Participating photographers: 2017,  3rd iteration.  

Brian Brooks is a film photographer from New Jersey but has called San Francisco home for over 20 years.

Nathan Weyland is a freelance photographer/videographer based in Oakland California, using images to tell stories for a diverse array of clients, from commercial food producers to NGO's and magazines.  His work focuses on complex environmental and health issues, hoping to draw connections between water management, drought, climate change, infrastructure, food supply, human and environmental health. He speaks English and Spanish. 

Asako Shimazaki 

島崎 朝子

I came from Tokyo in 1984, and I met photography here in California.

After I graduated San Fransisco Art Institute, I continued photography as a Montessori teacher, and raised my son, African/American-Japanese, who just turned 20. 


Hemali Zaveri

born in mumbai where art is valued as food  longs to photograph spiritual sites around the world  dances to bollywood party music as a daily ritual • enjoys flying with her

four-year-old in a 1943 stearman

bi-plane • has never met a horse who doesn’t like her • prefers falling asleep to the chanting ‘om’ of fog horns • believes the earth resides in a single flower • tends to see the possibility not the problem

Eric Snow

The solstice is symbolic of my life. The long days heal me, the short days challenge me.

Hiroyo Kaneko

Hiroyo is a photographer based in Oakland CA. She was born in Aomori, Japan, received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BA in French Literature from Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and Japan at spaces including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Photographic Center North West and National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo.

Carlo Velasquez is a San Francisco based videographer and photographer. He enjoys photographing little slices of life and framing them in a cinematic manner. Carlo also enjoys skateboarding which has been a great influence in his photography and videography.

Ben Molina is a graphic designer who has spent over a decade working in the printing industry - both in California and the Philippines. He currently works as a pre-production artist and programmer for a sign company, based in the Bay Area, doing work for major public institutions and private corporations all around the U.S. Ben is a serious photography hobbyist whose photographs have been shown in numerous exhibitions and has been involved in the editing and production of several photobooks and zines. He is also an avid photobook collector.


Pamela Palma is a photographer and artist from Oakland, CA. Her career in photography expands over two decades. After leaving the Academy of Art, she worked for a fine art lab archiving prints, with William Eggleston, Galen Rowell, Richard Misrach and Jim Marshall among others. Later, she photo assisted many commercial shooters. After a few years,she started photo styling commercial shoots. In 2008, she opted to begin shooting professionally, drawing inspiration from San Francisco's bike culture and natural environments. Pamela is currently living and working in the SF Bay area, where she spends days on her bike, camera in hand, capturing the people, the landscape, and the beauty that surrounds us all.

Paul Lucia

My Mother tells me “Paul, life is simple. We choose to make it complicated.” I have a penchant for B&W lm. Friendships are golden. I still enjoy my pasta with just butter and cheese. Founder of Project 24.

Pei Ketron is a San Francisco-based photographer, educator, and speaker. In addition to her work with several local non-profit organizations, she does travel and commercial photography worldwide for clients such as American Express and Mercedes.

Thomas Lindahl Robinson

I work (a lot), travel (when possible), photograph (think it, live it, breathe it), savor espresso (mornings and moments), and live another day to do it all over again. Currently, I document the effects of isolation, migration, and separation of families in Asia, Cuba, and the United States. My photographs are exhibited domestically and internationally, and I am preparing to publish and exhibit my work on Cuba in 2020.

Richard Lohmann

Richard Lohmann’s photographs have been exhibited in San Francisco, New York and currently at the Ansel Adams gallery. His work is in the permanent collection of the San Francisco of Modern art; and is recipient of grants from Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, Peninsula Community Foundation and was selected for the Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation Artist Fellowship. He is been a professor of photography since 1989 and is head of the College of San Mateo photography department.

Matthew Brown

You will often find Matthew Brown wandering the trails of California with his Mamyia RB67, creating double exposures or searching for that special type of light. In addition to photography, Matthew has a passion for filmmaking and works as a film editor. He also works at Youth Art Exchange, teaching high school students how to create and edit their own films.

Thomas Grubba

I have always been fascinated by structure, how the world organizes itself whether created by nature or humans. Everything we experience in the world is made not from singularity but from a web of interaction through time.  My intent is to create photographs that compel viewers to examine the subtle layers of complexity that comprise the world around us.

Michael Nieland is a photographer based in San Francisco, California. With a MFA from the Academy of Art University (2011) in Photography, Michael shoots commercial and editorial work in the Bay Area and throughout the US. He is a long-time member of the APA and he has worked for a diverse collection of commercial clients. In the Fall of 2017 he was brought on as an instructor at the Academy. Following a 20-year career in the tech industry, Michael’s work instills a love of process, creativity, and design.

Peter Prato is an editorial and commercial photographer based in San Francisco, California. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, Elle Decor (South Africa), The Verge, The Saturday Magazine of The London Times, and PHAIDON, among others. He has worked with a wide range of organizations, from NGOs working to improve access to healthcare in South Sudan, education in Haiti, and economic empowerment in the Amazon, to advertising agencies, technology and architecture firms. He also enjoys Dave Brubeck, swimming in the Pacific, good conversation, and the occasional glass of Scotch.

Patrick Durkin is a Bay Area based photographer and videographer who gained notoriety in the 1990's for his unique ability to capture outrageous pranks and Razor scooter stunts. Durkin was later introduced to photography by his maternal uncle, Paul Lucia, and began collecting antique cameras and lenses at thrift stores and flea markets. Since then he has amassed a substantial collection, and enjoys combining old and new techniques to his ever-growing portfolio of garden gnome photography. 

Nuala Sawyer is a reporter by trade, but grew up with a photography obsession. Surrounded by skilled artists in her family and friend groups, she struggled with paintbrushes and pencils, but discovered photography through her dad’s old 35mm Minolta at age 13. She took that love to higher education, where she earned a degree in darkroom photography from Hampshire College. Her thesis show focused on the intimacy of the body, all shot with medium and large format film.  Shortly after leaving college, she spent six months working as a photographer in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today, she works as the news editor of SF Weekly, digging up untold stories around San Francisco.

Bryce Bishari grew up wanting to learn as much about mankind as he could while simultaneously being alone as often as possible, a natural photographer one would say.

Paul Kuroda is an independent Editorial photographer. His clients include:
The San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Area News Group, and Zuma Press Images.

Kuroda was awarded NPPA, University of Missouri Photographer of the Year in 1991 and two time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

Caitlyn Calmeyer

From a young age, Caitlyn Calmeyer was encouraged into the timeless art of photography. Her parents built her a darkroom in a spare bathroom, where she spent most of her teenage years developing photos from her days with friends, family and nature. She went on to earn her BA in Commercial Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, and now works as a wedding and portrait photographer in the Bay Area. Caitlyn sees the significance in the subtleties of human nature, the way we engage with one another, and the way that we move through light and shadow. 

Heather Hryciw

I spend most of my time in photography helping people sell things.  In the commercial world, we pretend that things can and should be perfect.  Every chance I get to use a camera against that principle is some good medicine.  Thanks to Project 24 for such an opportunity.

Colleen Cummins

I am award winning visual journalist and was recently named 1 of 28 talented urban photographers to follow on Instagram by Buzzfeed.I have a BA in Journalism. I’ve worked for national publications from Florida to California and have a passion for storytelling. I have taught multimedia for the past 4 years with various organizations including Youth Spirit Artworks in Berkeley and Youth Radio in Oakland.

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